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Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield’s VPN-based software sees as a strong shield that protects against threats coming from the Internet or local networks. In this way, personal information contained in your programs and data transmission on all web sessions that have opened in the system is protected by strong encryption. program hides your IP address to protect your privacy, allows you to browse anonymously on the Internet.

To hide his identity while browsing on the Internet and is the first choice for many users who want to wander anonymously Hotspot Shield is a highly reliable choice. trying to capture your personal information, web services, Hotspot, which will protect you against third-party applications or service providers Shield, a secure gateway to the Internet is offered to you.

It uses system resources in a very moderate way the program works on all types of computers quickly and fluently. Installation procedure is quite simple and quickly completed the program, can be used by all levels of computer users.



Hotspot Shield

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