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Introducing the new iTunes. Significantly simplified player completely redesigned iTunes Store and iCloud features with the best that ever will love.

Completely redesigned.

iTunes music, movies and TV shows to discover and enjoy them makes it even more fun. Great edge-to-edge design, each album in your library, movie or special designs and Mağazada to take every time you click your personal recommendations for TV shows you love.
A new store.

iTunes Store has been completely redesigned and now you can see more easily what’s new and discover new favorites you can have a perfect view.
Acquired those who play or played from iCloud.

You have purchased and music in iCloud, movies and TV shows now appear in your library. Simply logging in with your Apple ID to see them. Double-click on or download a copy for a device to listen to offline eşzamanlayıp to play them directly from iCloud or play.

In which part of the play that you can see now in a very friendly way, as well as from a single location. The next pieces to be played when you click the middle icon appears instantly on the screen. You can even change the order of the tracks at any time, you can skip the part or parts can be added.
New Mini Player.

You can now do a lot more in a lot less space. Mini Player, as well as to show what’s playing now includes album artwork, creating the next feature and makes it easier to search for new tracks to be played; It performs all of them with a smaller and sleeker design.
Improved search.

iTunes has never been so easy to find what you are looking at all. You only need to write in the search field; You will see immediate results in your entire library. When you select any conclusions iTunes will take you directly to him.
Playback synchronization.

iCloud now remembers your place in a movie or on TV shows. Or part of the same movie on your iPhone, your iPad, you play your iPod on your TV or Apple TOUCH will continue from where you left off.




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